April 2016 News

Hello Motion Families! We are in the home stretch to our SHOWCASE! It is going to be a very busy time in the studio leading up to our end-of-year show. I know it is the end of the school year, but we need absences to be at a minimum as we have to clean their class routines, finish Opening, and ADD FINALE. Yes, we have another routine still to teach. I am making adjustments every week so we need students present so they are up-to-date on all new choreography taught and any changes made. Here are important updates:
For those not on auto draft, please remember tuition is due by the 5th or a late fee is charged.
Please remember that all Recital/Costume Fees are due by May 12th! The majority of performers are paid in full. Thank you! All students must be current in tuition and fees or, starting theMay 23rd rehearsal, we will have to pull students out of formation. This becomes confusing as dancers are then learning new spots. If you have issues with getting payments in, please discuss the matter with me or Ms Cindy. (Cindy@abodyinmotion.us)
Some of you have split tuition payments and have tuition payment dates late in the month as a result. If this is you, PLEASE NOTE: ALL JUNE TUITION MUST BE PAID BY FRIDAY, JUNE 10TH, UNLESS YOU ARE ON AUTO DRAFT. That means if you are not on auto draft, and you set up a tuition payment due date each month to be after the 10th, you will have to get your tuition in by the 10th in June, or your child can not perform till payment is received. Please budget accordingly in that month. All auto drafts will go through as scheduled. Thank you!
As we get closer to recital and more costumes come in, the office does not have enough space for us to do all we need to do. Our costume volunteers, emphasis on volunteers, Ms Neisha, Ms Christy, and Ms JoAnn, work tirelessly to organize, modify, fluff, and steam ALL COSTUMES. We have no choice but to take over the back table area with hanging racks and sewing machines. We have a small building and space is tight. Please, if you see our costume racks out, stay clear of that area, especially small children. They are working for your children to look beautiful in the show!
Some of you dedicated parents have jumped on board to help serve as a volunteer in various jobs we need covered. Our Recital Coordinator, Ms Andrea, has sign up sheets at the front desk for certain positions we still need help with. (Some of you who already volunteered are assigned a job. Please check that list for that info too) Let us know if you are interested! Thank you to those who are always there when we need you! We could not do it without you. (Andrea@abodyinmotion.us)
The next round of packets Ms Andrea will pass out has all the info on hair, makeup, and costume requirements for each routine. There will also be a Recital Survival Packing List of things to bring with your performer so they can relax comfortably in the dressing rooms between numbers in the show. Master music CD’s are also coming. Stay tuned….
If you haven’t noticed, I am pulling students in the studio early, if they are there, or hanging on to them later to go over Opening/Finale. With so many students in multiple back-to-back classes, it is easier to try and cover Opening/Finale at the end of one class and into the beginning of another. The class times are going to blur more and more the closer we get to Recital as we are working Opening, Finale, and Class routines. Thank you for your patience as it is just a lot of material to cover and, 30 minute classes in particular, are very hard to work within. It’s just not enough time!
Please keep the following dates in your calendar:
May 2nd: Good Luck Ads for our Showcase Program are due! Wish your performer good luck on a great show!
(A Body In Motion CAN take CC payments for Good Luck Ads)
May 5th: May Tuition Due
May 12th: All Recital/Costume Fees Due
May 14th: Good Luck Cookie Basket orders are due! All baskets will be waiting in their dressing rooms the day of the show. Surprise your performer with delicious treats from Tempting You Sweetly! (A Body In Motion CAN NOTtake CC payments for Cookie Basket orders)
May 23rd-June 10th: We shift to our Recital Rehearsal Schedule! There will be no more regular class times! (Please refer to your Recital Packet for details)
    MONDAYS 6-8:30pm: Motion Xtreme Cheer Team, Monday Cheer Prep, Tumbling, Baton
    TUESDAYS 6-8:30pmTuesday Tap I, Ballet I, Jazz I, Hip Hop I (Probably will not need the entire time)
    WEDNESDAYS 6-8:30pm: Wednesday Tap II, Ballet II, Jazz II, Hip Hop II, and Thursday Hip Hop II/III
    THURSDAYS: 6-8:30pmThursday Tap I, Ballet I, Jazz I, Hip Hop I (Probably will not need the entire time)
    FRIDAYS 6-8:30pmWednesday Preschool Tap/Jazz, Thursday Preschool Tap/Jazz, Saturday Creative     Movement, Monday Lyrical, Monday Ballet III, Monday Pointe, Friday Ballet III, Friday Contemporary III,     Friday Jazz III, Friday Musical Theater (Musical Theater arrives at 7:30pm!)
June 5th: June Tuition Due/RECITAL PICTURE DAY (Please refer to your Recital Packet for picture times! A Body In Motion CAN NOT take CC payments for Picture orders)
June 10th: All Tuition for those who have split tuition/later due dates and are not on auto draft is due!
June 11th: Dress Rehearsal at the MCL Grand Theater, 100 N. Charles St. Lewisville, TX 75007
    Motion Staff and Volunteers arrive at 7:45am
    First Showcase: 8:45-11:30am
    Second Showcase: 11:30-1:00pm (Possibly 1:30)
    Motion Staff and Dance Companies will rehearse till 3pm!
    First Showcase: Call Time for performers: 1pm
    Doors Open: 1:30pm
    Showcase 2-4pm
    Second Showcase: Call Time for performers: 5:30pm
    Doors Open: 5:30pm
    Showcase: 6-8pm
As we get closer and closer to Recital, I am putting in long exhausting hours to try and ensure your child has a great show experience. I am also a mother with two teenage boys and, this year, my oldest is graduating high school. Like all of us, I am human and I am juggling a lot on my plate. But I can assure you, this production is my entire focus these next few months. In our rehearsals, you are going to notice the Drill Sargent in me take over. Some people misinterpret the change in my tone as me being angry or upset. Not at all. (Unless I have a reason to be upset. Lol) We are just on a tight schedule and I will be directing, as I need to, to ensure everything runs smoothly. If however, I do tend to be curt or short tempered with anyone, I am probably running on 3 hours sleep, do not have enough Dr Pepper in my system, and I am bombarded with 1000 questions while trying to run a full studio rehearsal. My staff and veteran Studio families are used to this and usually bring ample Dr P to keep Ms Carebear soothed. But please remember, we have 14 Staff members on hand and about 8-10 volunteers who are eager to help you with any issues, if I am not available. And please feel free to ask our Recital veteran parents! Your children are my love and my life. I give all I can to make this experience a happy one for them. But, like you, the stress can mount up. So please accept my ‘apology in advance’. And thank you for blessing me with your children! They will look beautiful on stage!
As always, thank you for being a body in MOTION! Let the final countdown begin…