August/September 2017 News

Hello, Motion Family! It’s time to begin another year at A Body in Motion and we are working furiously to get ready for Fall Registration! Attached you will find the Fall Schedule. Please be advised of the following:

-Preschool, Level I and Level II classes will fill FAST. We do not do online registration. A Body in Motion offers significant discounts for certain classes and for families enrolling multiple children. It is too complicated for the web site to calculate and it must be done by a member of our staff. If you wish to enroll, you will have to show up to our registration sessions (listed below). The longer you wait, the greater the chance that the class your child wants will be full. We will create a wait list for classes that max out enrollment.

-If you need a quick answer to a question, please utilize our Social Media. We are on Facebook, A Body in Motion the Studio, and Twitter, @ABodyInMotion. Our email is overloaded this time of year and it can take a bit to get back to everyone.

-We are currently looking for a bigger space to expand as our enrollment has outgrown our current building. We have done the best we can to accommodate classes per their demand. We apologize if the class you want is no longer offered or not at a convenient time for your schedule. We hope to offer more options when we have secured a larger space. For the time being, we can only offer what fits in our current space with staff availability.

-There is a slight $5 increase in prices for 2017-2018. The property taxes on our building caused our rent to nearly double. We do all we can to keep prices down for our families!

If you have any questions on which class works best for your child, please contact Ms Carolyn (Ms Carebear) through email, Social Media, or text (If you have my cell). You may call the studio phone at 972-245-6252 but we are in and out right now with painting and prepping the studio for classes. You may get voice mail until a staff member can call you back. Thank you!

Saturday, August 19th 11-4pm
Saturday, August 26th 11-4pm

Tuesday, September 5th


Please be advised of the new classes on our Studio Schedule:

Ballet V
Ballet V is an Intermediate/advanced class for our older students and has a strict Dress Code policy. You must gain the approval of Ms Carolyn or Ms Nicole to attend this class. It is meant for those who demonstrate a certain mastery of Ballet technique. You are to know Ballet terms and what steps are. This is not a class for students who still need a lot of explanations on positioning. Ballet IV is the more beginner/intermediate version and is open to anyone 10 years or older. If you know you still need more training in Ballet, Ballet IV is the option for you to choose. Thank you!

Ballet Fit Bod Workout
Several of our adult ladies have asked for it and here it is! In addition to Thursday night Flex/Core (Flexibility and Core Conditioning), we are offering a Ballet barre workout class for teens/adults. You only need to know the basics of Ballet and the ability to follow along with the instructor. We will be utilizing wrist and ankle weights to “bring the burn” as we work legs, arms, and core through Ballet exercises. At only $5, it’s a great class for a great price! Meet me at the barre!


Recital pictures are at the studio for pick up. Recital videos are not in yet. Pictures may be picked up at Registration, regardless if your child is registering with us again. There will be a table just for picture pick-ups. We will notify you when Recital videos have arrived. Thank you!


Please be advised that A Body in Motion follows Carrollton/Farmers Branch for inclement weather closings. Follow our studio on social media for current updates:

Facebook: A Body in Motion the Studio
Twitter: @ABodyInMotion

This year is a BIG year as we not only look to expand but we will be adding our first holiday production, “A Christmas in Motion”! We hope everyone had a great Summer! It’s time to make dreams happen! As always, thank you for being a body in MOTION!