At a Body In Motion, we strive to offer a variety of classes to individuals of any age. Our goal is to help everyone enjoy the beauty of movement and push to their fullest potential. Contact us at for our most current class schedule. We look forward to watching you become a body in motion!


Dance and Cheer

A Body In Motion offers the following dance/cheer classes for all ages:

  • Creative Movement (Ballet, Jazz, Tumbling): Ages 2-5
  • Tap, Jazz: Ages 3-18
  • Ballet: Ages 4-18
  • Hip Hop: Ages 4-18
  • Lyrical Jazz: Ages 10-18
  • Contemporary Jazz: Ages 10-18
  • Drill Team Prep: Ages 10-18
  • Cheer: Ages 4-14
  • Tumbling: Ages 4-14
  • College Dance/Drill Prep: Ages 13-18
  • Pro Dance/Cheer Prep: Ages 16 and up
  • Adult Ballet: Ages 14 and up
  • Adult Tap: Ages 14 and up
  • Adult Drill Team: Ages 16 and up

Pro Dance/Cheer Prep

Ever wonder what it would be like to perform for and cheer on your favorite professional sports team, like the Dallas Cowboys or Dallas Mavs, from the sideline? Our Pro Dance/Cheer Prep program is designed to cover all areas required of a professional cheerleader so you look and dance your very best on audition day:

  • Dance Technique
  • Team Choreography
  • Hair and Makeup Consultation
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Fitness and Flexibility
  • Photo Shoot Prep

We have teamed up with local businesses to help you better afford creating your Pro Dance look:

  • Hair: 25% off cut and color, 50% off product
  • Tan: 50% spray tan
  • Nails: $10 off premium acrylic French nail set
  • Pro photo shoot: FREE Sitting Fee, 5 pro modeling pictures (Head shots and Body shots) with photo shop on a CD for only $100.

Make sure you have trained thoroughly so you are ready to claim that uniform and make your dream come true! Sign up for Motion's Pro Dance/Cheer Prep today and get started NOW!

College Dance/Drill Team Prep

Considering auditioning for a College Dance, Pom, or Drill Squad? Need help preparing for auditions? Why not attend our College Dance/Drill Prep class that will give you to the tools to be successful for your tryout.  This hour and a half class is designed to cover the areas of technique, performance quality, stamina, and flexibility.

Class availability is subject to enrollment demands.

Take advantage of college scholarships available for dance/drill teams! Start prepping for auditions today!

Fitness Classes

Our fitness classes help everyone to get in shape each and every day. Drop by for any of our classes!

  • Zumba®
  • Flexibility/Core Conditioning