December 2015 News

This is a reminder for those not on auto draft that tuition is due by the 5th or a late fee is added. We have had a few parents request an extension for personal reasons but please remember that all fees must be caught up or students will be blocked as of Jan 1st. Please contact Ms Cindy at to address late tuition makeup payments. Thank you.
We will be enjoying holiday events on Dec. 5th with Christmas on the Square! Santa will be on hand to take pictures with the kids and there will be a variety of vendors selling arts and crafts as well as activities for the kids. For the first time, a stage will be provided and A Body In Motion will be performing from 5-5:30pm by the Gazebo! This is the first time a stage is available and I have been told it is quite small so I am limiting the performance groups this year till we know exactly what to expect. I have requested a stage since we opened our studio on the Square three and a half years ago! If you are free that day, stop on by and enjoy the festivities. You can also cheer on our Motion performers!
Our Motion Christmas Tree will be up and we invite our students to make an ornament to hang on our tree. It is not required. But if your child enjoys making crafts, we would love a hand crafted ornament to hang! Also, the last week of regular classes before Christmas Break is Dec 14-19th. If parents wish to bring treats for classes that week, that is fine. In the past, some families have even set items out on the back table for other families to help themselves to while kids are in class. All of this is welcome and appreciated, but not required. Some of you enjoy baking and making goodies to share and we are more than happy to enjoy the treats! Thank you for making Motion feel like a studio family!
In the front of the studio, stockings will hang for each of our Motion Staff members. Some students like to make little gifts or cards for their teachers and they are allowed to leave these items in their instructor’s stockings or under the Motion Christmas Tree. Here are the names of all of your Motion Staff members, for those who like to make cards:
Ms Carolyn/Ms C/Ms Carebear
Ms Cindy
Coach Katinya/Coach K
Coach Raechel
Ms Nicole
Miss Kaylee
Miss Jax
Miss Andrea
Miss Kate
Mr Joe (Musical Theater)
Coach Joe (Baton)
Miss Allison
Ms Kary
Miss Bella
I also get asked a lot what I want for Christmas. Here is what I love the most. Pictures. If you have adorable pictures you have taken in Motion with classes or events, I love to have those printed for our studio walls! I have a ton of 5×7 frames that would be perfect to house pictures of your smiling children from our classes or performances. My goal is to fill all our walls at Motion with our “story”. So, if you have pictures you don’t mind printing for Ms Carebear and her studio walls, that is my favorite thing. I love to look up and see my loves smiling back at me!
Our final Pro Dance Intensive this Fall is scheduled Saturday, Dec 12th from 2-4pm! If you are interested in seeing if you have what it takes to make a Pro team like Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, make plans to attend. You are getting an intimate small class session with Motion’s own Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, Jax!
For those in our Saturday Creative Movement at 10am, we will be moving that class up and hour to 9am that Saturday ONLY. We are hosting our Cheer/Dance Clinic that day and I had to start it early to give time for parents to get out to the Dr Pepper Center later that afternoon for our performance. This clinic is a big fundraiser for our Competition teams. Thank you for understanding. We are sorry if the earlier time is an inconvenience.
Don’t forget that on Saturday, Dec 19th, A Body In Motion Dance Companies and Competition Cheer Teams are hosting their 2nd Annual Dance/Cheer Clinic for children 4-10 years. (We have had a handful of teen students ask if they could do the dance clinic. That is fine. We will just give them their own group) I have attached the flyer for you convenience.ONLY 20 PARTICIPANTS CAN JOIN US! The sooner we get these forms in, the sooner you child’s spot is secure! The details are below:
Dance Clinic: 10-11:30am
Cheer Clinic: 12:30-2pm
One clinic: $30 (Includes a studio shirt to perform in and one game ticket for a parent)
Both clinics: $50 (Includes a studio shirt to perform in and two game tickets for parents)
Additional discount game tickets will be available for purchase at the Motion front desk for family and friends who wish to come watch your darling perform! Tickets are $28 at the main ticket booth at the Dr Pepper Center, but we receive a discount at $15 a ticket. You can only get the discount from Motion. The main ticket booth at the Dr Pepper Center does not arrange for discounted tickets for guest performance groups. I advise you get a head count and plan to purchase the tickets you need the day of the clinic. We will meet at the Dr Pepper Center in Frisco by 5:15pm and we will perform about 6:40pm.
If you have not been to a Texas Legends Basketball game, they are the “minor league” for the Dallas Mavericks and are family friendly events with games and rides for the kids! Our performers can also have their picture taken with the Legend’s Cheerleaders, some of whom go on to become Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Mavericks Dancers. It’s a fun night and a great start to your holiday vacation!
A Body In Motion will be closed from Sunday, Dec 20th through Saturday, Jan 2nd in observance of Christmas Break. Regular classes will resume Monday, Jan 3rd.
In January, we are offering FREE BATON CLASSES to any child interested in learning baton twirling for free for a month! Baton Twirlers can go on to win full scholarships as members of big university bands, unlike most college dance teams or cheerleaders. Baton disappeared in Dallas a few decades ago but they are huge everywhere else! We are hoping to generate excitement for this lost art form in the Dallas area and want to return twirling to area high school bands. Let me know if you wish for your child to join us on Mondays from 6:30-7:30pm in the month of January!
We look forward to getting back in the studio! Let’s finish the year strong! Happy Holidays!