February 2016 News

Hello Motion Family! Here are important February updates. PLEASE READ ALL INFO:
A reminder for those who declined auto draft that tuition is due by the 5th or a late fee is added. Please make plans to drop payment off in our studio mailbox by our front door at anytime by the 5th or visit our studio front desk any evening after 5pm. Thank you!
Our Motion Dance Company members and Directors will be participating in the prestigious Jump Dance Convention this weekend and learning from famous top instructors in the dance industry. A reminder, Dance Company parents, to bring your child’s signed Jump waiver form by Friday or they can not participate in convention. Thank you!
It is that time of year where we begin putting together our Motion Showcase and we will be passing out important info in all classes starting next week. All questions will be answered and this year we are hosting a Recital Rookie Parent Meeting for those new to the recital process. Our recital is our big finish to our year together and our instructors and students love the opportunity to show off all they have learned! It is a HUGE undertaking and hundreds of preparation hours will go into this production. We know it is a lot to take in for parents new to studio life and we will pass the info out in small doses to help you stay on top of all the information.
Here is basic info to mark your calendars for to start:
Important Recital Dates
A Body In Motion The Studio 4th Annual Showcase
Sunday, June 12, 2016
MCL Grand Theater
100 N. Charles St.
Lewisville, TX 75007
Required Dress Rehearsal
Saturday, June 11, 2016
(A full rehearsal calendar is coming soon)
Recital Picture Day
A Body In Motion The Studio
Sunday, June 5, 2016
(A full picture day schedule is coming soon)
Recital Rookie 101 Parent Meetings (Optional! We will go over all info in class!)
A Body In Motion The Studio
Saturday, Feb 27, 2016
4-5pm: Preschool Tap/Jazz, Creative Movement, Level I Tap, Level I Jazz, Level I Ballet, Level I Hip Hop, Baton Twirling, Cheer Prep, Tumbling
5-6pm: Level II Tap, Level II Ballet, Level II Jazz, Level II Hip Hop, Level III Ballet, Level III Contemporary, Level III Jazz, Level III Hip Hop, Lyrical, Drill Team Prep, Musical Theater
Recital Fees/Due Dates
Recital Fee: (Covers rental of auditorium/Dressing Rooms, Tech Crew, Janitor Crew, Staff Fees, etc…)
    Cost: $100 per performer
    Due Date: March 4, 2016
Recital Costume Bundle Fee: (Covers costumes, Recital Video, Props, Garment Bag, Accessories)
    Cost: $75 for the first class enrolled in; $50 for each additional class enrolled in
            FOR EXAMPLE: Enrolled in Tap I and Ballet I: $75 for Tap I + $50 for Ballet I = $125 Total
            (Your Costume Bundle Fee depends upon how many classes your child is enrolled in)
    Due Date: Fees split in two payments: April 12,2016 and May 12, 2016
Ms. Andrea is our Recital Coordinator and she will be sending more Recital info. Again, we are passing out Recital packets with all of this information in class and we will answer questions both in class and at our Rookie Recital Meetings! We know this is a lot of info, but we wanted to get these dates out to you so you may make appropriate plans.
Most Asked Question Of The Century: Is my child too young/too new for Recital?
Answer: NO. I am asked this repeatedly. Please trust my 25+ years of experience when I tell you that they will be ready and will do just fine in Recital. It is Feb 2nd. They do not perform till June 12th! They will know all choreography backwards and forwards by then. They will be doing it in their sleep. And I can not tell you how crushed they are when everyone else in their class is trying on beautiful costumes and we are fixing hair and they have no costume and no one fixing their hair. It is the same every year. The parents who decline Recital for their child always change their mind in May when the tears are flowing with disappointment because their child does not understand why they are not participating in all the Recital fun. They always beg for a costume and to let their child join. The answer by that point is no. Every studio in the universe is doing a recital and costume companies are overwhelmed. Everything goes on back order. We can not get the costumes in time. And if we could, it would be a rush order which means your costume fees are going way up. Please trust my quarter century of experience. They will be ready. They will love it and you and your family will love seeing them sparkle on stage. We do, however, leave the choice to you. Please consider my answer and decide by March 4th, when the first Recital Fees are due. Thank you!
We are excited for our 4th Recital Showcase and look forward to an amazing show production!
As always, thank you for being a body in motion!